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HxGN SFx | Asset Management

Browsing a Generic Asset in Detail

After a generic asset is added by an Asset Administrator, all users in your organization can go to the Asset Detail View to dive into its details.

The Asset Detail View of a generic asset consists of the following sections:

Asset Dashboard

The Asset Dashboard displays the basic information of the current asset. However, you cannot monitor the asset operational status, overall status, or sensor status in comparison to other assets onboarded via SFx Desktop.

Navigation Pane

Click the image2.png icon to expand the navigation pane for quick asset navigation. All assets in your organization are listed in the navigation pane. Click another asset to navigate to its detailed view.

GPS Route History

You can track the recent movement paths of a generic asset through the GPS Tag associated with it. This pane visualizes the historical routes of the asset on the map on a daily, weekly, monthly, or customized basis. See Tracking Route History for details.


Click the Calendar icon in the upper-right corner to expand the time range bar. Then select one from the pre-defined time ranges or specify a customized time range within 30 days.

Event Log Pane

The Event Log pane only displays the events relevant to the GPS Tag linked to the generic asset in chronological order. The latest event appears at the top. See Browsing Asset Events for more information.