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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Banner Notifications

SFx Asset Management provides you with the following types of notifications on the Home page or in the header of the asset detail view.

Site-wide Notifications

Site-wide notifications, such as a new release announcement, a maintenance notification, an upgrade notification, a fault notification, etc. For instance, all users will see a banner notification at the top of the screen when downtime has been scheduled for maintenance of the SFx system.


Example: Site Fault Notification

Organization-specific Notifications

Organization-specific notifications, such as PRO subscription alerts, SFx Desktop upgrade notifications, etc. Only the users in the corresponding organization will receive these notifications.

The PRO subscription alert notification is set to display in three stages.

  • Stage 1: A 60 days remaining reminder prior to the expiry date of a PRO/PRO Trial subscription

  • Stage 2: A 30 days remaining reminder prior to the expiry date of a PRO/PRO Trial subscription

  • Stage 3: A 7 days remaining reminder prior to the expiry date of a PRO/PRO Trial subscription


Your PRO asset will be downgraded to Lite on the very expiry date, and you’ll get a final email notification. Click the hyperlink Purchase a new subscription or Renew your subscription to contact Hexagon Support for new PRO subscriptions.


Example: Subscription Alert

Generally, the SFx Desktop upgrade notification is displayed at the top of the detailed view of an asset that has installed an old version of the SFx Desktop application.


Example: SFx Desktop Upgrade Notification

Administrator-only Notifications

Administrator-only notifications, such as subscription creation reminders, subscription extension notifications, etc. Only account administrators in the organization could view these notifications in the banner area when a new asset subscription is created or when an existing asset subscription is extended. It will remain for 30 days until it is dismissed permanently.


Example: New asset subscription available


Example: Asset subscription extended


  • Multiple notifications can be displayed at the same time. You can click the X button to dismiss a notification.

  • To delete multiple notifications at once, click the > icon on the first notification once. The Dismiss All button appears next to the delete button, you can click on it to dismiss all notifications.