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HxGN | SFx Asset Management

Asset Utilization Pane

By default, the utilization pane shows the Utilization Over Time bar chart of assets displayed on the current asset dashboard in the last 24 hours.

How many assets are displayed in charts depends on the pagination and the page size set in the Asset Dashboard. If a filter or a sorting condition is applied to these assets, it’s also applied to the Utilization charts, including the Utilization Over Time chart, Utilization Summary chart, and Cumulative Time by Status chart.


As shown above, the segments indicating the durations of operational statuses that occurred in the non-scheduled time are displayed in a darker shade in the Utilization Over Time bar chart. Meanwhile, the segments indicating the operational statuses of assets that occurred within the scheduled time keep bright.

When the toggle is turned on from any chart, its state will also be applied to the other two charts automatically and vice versa.


  • A Lite asset can only show data in the last 24 hours in any type of asset utilization chart. See Upgrading Lite Assets for details. The image13.png icon is an indicator of Lite assets.

  • The asset utilization charts would be auto-refreshed every 5 minutes to reflect the latest utilization data.


  • You can click the image7.png icon to maximize the utilization pane to an expanded view.

  • In the Utilization pane, click the drop-down menu to browse other types of utilization charts.

  • (Optional) By default, the utilization results for the last 24 hours are displayed. To browse more utilization data, click the image2.png icon and select 1W, 1M, or Custom.

When you go to the detailed view of an asset, the utilization pane shows the utilization bar chart of the current asset.